Dinosaur Massacre at Woodridge

These images may not be suitable for viewing by young children or Lego fans.  I make no apology for telling this story, simply as it happened. Picture the scene, a small railway station in a remote province of Legoland called Woodbridge.  A grand total of two employees, Arthur and Raymond.  It’s mid way through 1865…

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Why Facebook’s Days are Numbered

When Facebook started back in 2004, it was meant to be a small networking site between college pals.  Just a site that allowed friends who were in college to keep in touch with each other. Now, its a multi-billion dollar business that has millions upon millions of users, many of whom cannot get through a…

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Create a Memory Jar to Help Deal With Grief

When a loved one passes away, it’s such a difficult time that our mind often losing track of reality!  With so much to deal with, we often go into auto-pilot… arranging the funeral, sorting paperwork etc. But once all that’s finished with, we can truly begin the process of grieving.  This can take many different…

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